Children Center

Valencia, Spain · December 2014 · Individual work

The Children Center is a place to learn through the exploration and discovery of nature, arts, music, dance, reading and games. It’s a site where children can feel comfortable and develop their personality as they grow. The building is planned with clear but welcoming spaces, with great presence of nature both inside and outside. Warm natural materials are used as wood, sand and vegetation, which give life to the building, while placing it as a link between two large green areas of the city.

Inside we looked for versatility, being able to modify the spaces as needed. Thus a very permeable relationship between interior and exterior is established, taking advantage of the favorable climate. It is also configured to have cross ventilation and an external sunscreen movable base to protect the southern facade.

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Granada, Spain · June 2015 · Individual work

The goal of this project is to work towards providing better facilities for education, and everything that gravitates around it, each one tailored for their specific purpose. All this taking place in the beautiful city of Granada. The project comprises a residential facility for both educators and their families, a nursery school, a café and elegant green spaces.

The residential facility was devised with one goal in mind, to be able to host as many lifestyles and living arrangements as possible. It comprises ten studios, for a single person or couple; and ten duplexes, for up to three roommates or whole families of five people. And not to forget mobility-impaired people, it has two adapted apartments. The nursery school is just below the café, and is specially prepared for the use of the Montessori method for education, together with expansive patios that invade the classroom and fade the difference between the two.

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Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia · December 2015 · Group project

The city of Cartagena de Indias is located in the Caribbean coast of Colombia. It is an important touristic area and its colonial walled city and fortress were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Despite all these positive influences, the majority of the urban area consists of impoverished neighborhoods and a lack of decent housing. Self made constructions with poor materials are the norm, as well as a non-existing urban planning, which has led to an uncontrolled expansion of the city.

This project's objective is to propose a solution to the problems the city faces. The area chosen is in the heart of abandoned neighborhoods, between two rivers, with an enormous potential to create a pleasant region, with green areas and public buildings to help with the social and economic problems present.

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Valencia, Spain · December 2015 · Individual work

A blogworking is the working space of the XXI century. It creates an environment where this generation's creators can develop the entretainment of thousands and millions of people. Its purpose is therefore to connect professional creatives with aspiring talents in one single building. The idea behind this project is to promote collaboration and interaction through an open concept with plenty common areas and workspaces.

This project takes place in a forgotten part of the city of Valencia, its traditional farms. The site is surrounded by green fields and old mediterranean constructions which carry the personality of the region. Through the restoration of these buildings and the addition of the blogworking, this design has the opportunity of uniting tradition and innovation.

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Catarroja, Spain · June 2016 · Group project

Catarroja is a small town located near the city of Valencia. The town faced a series of urbanistic problems due to its unsustainable growth and ended up divided in 3 parts by the train tracks and the highway. The goal of this project was to rejoin those areas and unify the town, revitalizing an industrial area and creating green spaces that were lacking and very needed.

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TU Delft

TU Delft, Netherlands · July 2016 · Group project

The Polytechnic University of Valencia, in collaboration with TU Delft, organized a workshop at the School of Architecture at Delft focused on sustainable architecture and domotics. The goal of the workshop was to create in less than a week a student residence in the campus with a civic center. The result is a building that serves as a landmark for the university and has sustainability as its core idea.

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