Granada, Spain · June 2015 · Individual work

The goal of this project is to work towards providing better facilities for education, and everything that gravitates around it, each one tailored for their specific purpose. All this taking place in the beautiful city of Granada. The project comprises a residential facility for both educators and their families, a nursery school, a café and elegant green spaces.

The residential facility was devised with one goal in mind, to be able to host as many lifestyles and living arrangements as possible. It comprises ten studios, for a single person or couple; and ten duplexes, for up to three roommates or whole families of five people. And not to forget mobility-impaired people, it has two adapted apartments. The nursery school is just below the café, and is specially prepared for the use of the Montessori method for education, together with expansive patios that invade the classroom and fade the difference between the two.

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